Design portfolio of Front-End Web Developer and Graphic Designer Andrew Ruiz, based in Mesa AZ.
Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix
United States

Hello, I’m Andrew

We’ve probably never met, but you might have seen some of my work.

Being a Graphic Designer and a Web Developer for over eight years, I’ve created thousands of graphics and marketing assets, and that’s why I chose the name, Thousand Graphics.

I love what I do, and whether it’s helping start-ups brand themselves for the first time, or old businesses revitalizing their existing identity, I’m up for the challenge.

Living in Arizona for more than 10 years, I have seen many positive changes throughout the valley, most currently in Mesa. Using my knowledge and experience of marketing, brand strategy, and adopting the latest web technologies, I can help people and small businesses who haven’t made that change, make an impact in their own community.

My Strategy

Working with businesses throughout the valley taught me that people genuinely want to make Arizona reputable and competitive.

Being creative can only take you so far, you have to know how to introduce creative elements across every medium, social account and to the relevant demographics.

Whether we start from scratch or use a design template, I have the experience to help you with brand strategy or any other marketing need.

I create stunning visuals that will attract visitors and statistically improve viewing rates and engagement.

Website Development Logo Design Photo Editing
Web Design Business Card Design Tshirt Design
Photography Photoshop Editing Album Cover Design
T-shirt Design Logo and Branding Illustration
Branding and Marketing Marketing Brand Identity
Local Photography Branding Illustrations
Logo Creation Digital Freehand Typography
Print Design Print Layout Print Work
Invites and Letterheads Brand Tshirt Photoshop Editing
Portrait Illustration Portrait Illustration Portrait Illustration
Illustrations Illustrations Vector Artwork
Vector Artwork
Logo Design and Branding Brand Strategy and Logo Design Logo Concept
Logo Concepts Identity Design Brand Design and Marketing
Logo Concepts Logo Design Concept Branding
Brand Concept Logo Concept Brand Strategy

Nicole A. -

"Not only did I absolutely love the design, but he always got back to me quickly with any and all changes that needed to be made. His style is very up to date, and he is very aware of current trends and what types of features to make my site unique. I have received nothing but compliments on the site, and all of the credit goes to Andrew! I would highly recommend him and his services - incredibly professional, quality, and timely service. I have given his name to several of my colleagues already!"

Noah S. - DrinkersList

"We had gone through several designers without getting a solid result, until we found Andrew. With Andrew getting our chicken scratch ideas on the back of napkins into actual website designs became enjoyable instead of a depressing chore."

Darina Koltsova -

"Andrew is the best graphic designer I've had a chance to work with! If you ever worked with the creative folk, you know that lots of them are talented, but an ability to communicate, receive/implement feedback, and provide valid suggestions is what sets apart a designer from THE DESIGNER. Andrew is SUPER responsive, his communication skills are the one of a season project manager and his ability to read your mind is what makes him the whole package. Andrew, to this day, is the easiest and most talented designer I've had a chance of working with, there's nothing more I could ever ask for."

Christian Castro

"I've been working with Andrew for a few years and he has worked on many different projects including graphic design and web design. He has always been prompt, professional, and courteous. I would recommend him to anyone needing any kind of graphic design whether its creative, web, or print design. He has lots of experience in lots of different types of web interfaces and is always helping me with the latest and greatest technology. You'll be happy to work with Andrew."

Judy Sage - CRS Temporary Housing

"Andrew produces spectacular visual communications, and his skill set is wide-ranging. He has a voracious appetite for producing stellar work, and doing so in a very timely and structured manner. I thoroughly enjoy working with him and enjoy recommending his services to others even more."

Robert Starks

"Andrew is exactly what you want in a designer - talented, creative, reliable and professional."